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Heal the Pain

#221 Heal the Pain: I came home from my conference to find that my George Michael "Listen Without Prejudice" Special Edition Box Set had arrived. While this album didn't get as much play as his album, "Faith", it is a really special set of songs. I used to listen to this album on a regular basis when I was in high school.

When you listen to the lyrics today they have a different tone and meaning. At least for me. Hearing the song, "Heal the Pain" makes me think of people struggling with their identity and that's the direction I took this poster.

Let me tell you a secret
Put it in your heart and then keep it
Something that I want you to know
Do something for me
Listen to my simple story
And maybe we'll have something to show

You tell me you're cold on the inside
How can the outside world
Be a place that your heart can embrace
Be good to yourself
Because nobody else
Has the power to make you happy

Heal the Pain

Heal the Pain