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Political Logos

I walked onto campus today and noticed Republican Presidential Candidate, John Kasich's tour bus in front of my office. The first thing I thought was, "Well, at least his designer gave his a decent design." The second thought was, "Man, that font is really basic." But, hey, it gets the point across. I might add that the richness of the blues and reds are pretty good. I saw some of his staffers in the building with really nice looking pullovers on, emblazoned with his logo. That's what prompted this post.

There's just something about the campaign logos this year that absolutely are not hitting the mark.  Some are trying to hard while others just don't seem to be trying at all. I took notice of Kasich's logo today and while it isn't on the level of an Obama campaign logo, it certainly isn't the worst in my opinion. I think that the campaign logo used in Obama's campaign has raise the level of expectation. 

Don't get me wrong though, I think Bernie Sanders and Marco Rubio have solid logos. Walker's was certainly creative. O'Malley's was, "meh." Heck, I could go on.

The list of campaign contenders is thinning faster than my hairline. I'm certainly not saying that by having an amazing logo (or lack thereof) was the cause of their campaign closures. However, I'm sure it didn't help either.

Which is your favorite design (non-partisan thoughts, please).

Dennis Hicks