Dennis Hicks Design Co.



I was a crafty little kid on the block, who drew on sidewalks with crayons and made paintings as backdrops for my fish tank. When I look back, I think I was the only one of my friends that was really into creating "stuff".

Born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, I received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art Education from Marshall University as well as earning my Master of Arts in Counseling from the same institution. It was a few years later before I got into graphic design. It was another few years before I took classes to learn more. I now hold an undergraduate certificate in Graphic Design from George Mason University.

I'm always thinking of artsy things that may be cool to have on a wall or a shirt. Since my mind is always going, in 2017 I challenged myself to create a poster each day for a year. That was a fun challenge that generated a high level of creativity and some posters that I absolutely love. 

Currently, I freelance as a designer for small businesses, colleges and universities, and global companies in addition to selling my own design work online.